“Like what you do, do what you like.”

I like to write one of these at the end of each year; to reflect on the year past and anticipate the year coming. Yes, that’s how I’ll dress up my reasonings behind this blog. Reality: It’s a Sunday and I’m hungover and bored so I’m going to talk shit for a bit. You’ve been warned.

It’s been a pretty big year for me, a lot can happen in 365 (and a quarter, for all you smart bastards.) days. I started the year by failing my first driving test, bad times. Though in March I passed my driving test, better times. Being w/ wheels has been fairly significant; it gives you an extra freedom that you may not have had before. I like having the option to just go somewhere at the drop of a hat, visit friends a few towns away and generally being in control of where I’m going. Sure, there’s public transport but who wants to be a Bus Wanker, really? Not I. Aside from occasionally refusing to change gear, the time the steering wheel refused to turn so I had to drive a good 20 miles in just a straight line (very interesting), the parking ticket and the speeding fine – the car and I have had some good times.

So that was that. Then there’s University. Completing my first year and progressing into the second – I was able to achieve 1st’s in some modules that were totally foreign to me, such as Photography, so that wasn’t too shabby. Especially considering I can’t take a decent picture for shit. There’s nothing to write home about on the education front; I’m looking forward to finishing the qualification and moving on to new things. Three years is quite a commitment from a girl who struggles to commit to either Ketchup or Brown sauce on her lunch, so goes for both. I’m not sure where my career will be or what I’ll do but I’m gaining ideas, options, experience, skills and contacts which is about as much as I can do. Metaphorical pat on the back to me.

Now the boring shit is out the way. I’ve had a couple of relationships this year, yes, two. Both taught me a lot about trust, compromise, sharing, exploration, understanding and myself. That’s a bare-faced lie. One taught me about those things; the other taught me naff-all but I’m sure we’ve all had one of THOSE relationships. So let’s just forget that one happened. Upon reflection, I wouldn’t do much differently; despite things not working out and too much bad blood for my liking post break-up, I do have some solid memories and I gained much strength within myself from the lessons learnt. So I thank you.

I’d say the biggest thing I’ve taken from 2013 is self-acceptance. I know it’s a term thrown around too often without much meaning but when I use it, I mean it in every sense of the word. The power in accepting yourself shouldn’t be under-estimated; it’s okay to like what you like, who you like, where you like it! *fist pump*
Additionally, I’ve gained some fantastic new friends (shout out to Wilson especially) as well as developing relationships with existing ones. The elder I get, the more important I realise friends are. Not in the ‘I need to be the most popular girl in my year group’ sense but the ‘I’ve had a shit day and I really need a good mate to just help clear my mind and have a laugh with’ sense. Big up you guys.

I’ve bored myself with this so there’s no knowing how you feel if you’ve made it this far, so I’m going to wrap it up. It’s been potentially the best year of my life so far (I think I say this most years and do mean it at the time too, I hope to continue this tradition.) – I’ve laughed, learnt, drunk a lot of a coffee and played a lot of pool. Bring on 2014.


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