Another year, another blog.

I want to start this blog by saying WELL DONE to everyone reading this. That’s not a patronising well done for your ability to read or your interest in doing so, it’s congratulation for sticking two fingers to the Mayan Calendar and making it here alive. The failure of the world’s ending actually meant I had to go through with doing my University presentation, which I didn’t fancy doing, so stick to your promises next time, yeah? You’ll save me a lot of hassle and queue cards. (On that note, when the hell did queue cards become so expensive? I don’t think those homeless people know the real value of that card they’re residing in.)

(Except this guy, he looks like he knows.)

I felt it was time for a blog, given 2012 is almost over. A new year beckons! For a lot of people that means very little beyond the start of January where we will all decide we are to become better human beings with our resolutions, only to give them up a few weeks later and tell ourselves, “So what if I like a cigarette? So what if I like a bar of chocolate for breakfast and a weekly McDonalds? NONE OF US ARE PERFECT!” (In all honesty, after all the chocolates we have left over from Christmas, who are we fooling with New Year diets? Waste not, want not.) But for others, the New Year can be an opportunity. It’s true to an extent that it’s just a different date but sometimes people are just looking for that excuse to pull themselves together, re-motivate and set themselves positive goals. So let the cynics cast their negativity but I for one will be making the most of my metaphorical kick up the backside.

I didn’t have a bad 2012, in honesty. Alright, so I’m not Mo Farah, I didn’t win an Olympic gold. And I’m not The Queen; they didn’t throw a national party in my honour. BUT…I did return to University, finding a course that I actually enjoy, in surroundings I feel comfortable. I met new people who I feel will feature in my life in a big way for a long time to come. I began a working life, which made me feel like a contributor to society. I found new interests, indulged passions, laughed, smiled and drank a hell of a lot of coffee. Good times.

So my main aim of 2013 is to carry these good vibes through for the following year. As well as continue to build myself as a person. I think life only stops being interesting when you do not continue to learn new things. Additionally, I might try to keep my bedroom tidy for year; for the tradition of a failed resolutions sake, if nothing else.

I wish everyone a happy and optimistic New Year!

M. x

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